Product Details

[ CXFJ-26 rubber mill ]


Developed by adopting advanced domestic and overseas technology, it is widely used in natural, synthetic rubber and plastic powder production. It is mainly composed of miller, collector, draught fan, cyclone and control cabinet, etc.

Structure and Principle
The machine is composed of one or multiple millers, collector and control system. The miller consoists of frame, motor, stepless feeding motor, feeding device, fixed and rotary discs, the basic principle is to mill and grind rubber into powder by the relative movement of fixed and rotary discs. Wind and waster cooling system can ensure the milling output quality. Feeding device use stepless motor, the feeding speed can be changed according to production requirements.
With such features as low noise, high output, easy operation and maintenance, no pollution and even millingsize, etc.


Technical Data

Model   26-1   26-2   26-3
Capactiy(kg/h)   40~200   80~400 120~600 
Feeding size(mesh)   5~20   5~20   5~20
Output size(mesh)   30~100   30~100   30~100
Motor powder(kw)   22+0.75+3   22*2+0.75*2+4   22*3+0.75*3+5.5
Milling temperatu(º C)   <=80   <=80   <=80
Weight(T)   1.5   2.5   3.5
Dimension(m)   2.5*2.5*3.8   3.5*2.5*3.8   6*2.5*3.8