Product Details

[ Turf carrier ]
 This machine is specialized cart in transport and installation for artificial turf, the turf allows the laying of artificial turf reels up 5m width. The operation of machine consists of 2 carts to work together (direction changed, transport, up and down); Each cart is provided with two steerable double tyres being turned synchronously via drawbar and tie bar; A square crossbeam connects both carts to a transport unit 4 pairs of wheels all together to take the total weight, that’s why only a minimum of surface pressure will be guaranteed, ensuring even an effortless transport on ono-compacted basic surfaces; Both carts are equipped with a hydraulically actuated lifting device consisting of a hand pump and hydraulic cylinder to put in the axle for an easy lifting and lowering of the artificial turf reel.

This machine’s body is steel welding structure, compact, easy operated, wide usage, is the reasonable machine for artificial grass surface’s clean.


Technical data

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