Features of tire recycling plant:
Recycle the waste tires into rubber powder of 40~100mesh, and separate the steels and fibers completely under the normal temperature;
Compact structure, small space and easy maintenance;
Low energy consumption and good cost performance;
Automatic control system, high operation stability and lower labor intensity;
No water, air and dust pollution in the waste tire recycling procession.

Finess and application of rubber powder:
8~20 mesh: Mainly used in pavement of track, road cushion layer, base plate, lawn, paving elastic layer, athletic ground, etc.
20~40 mesh: Mainly used in producing reclaimed rubber and rubber board, modified asphalt, paving roads, etc.
40~60 mesh: called fine rubber powder, used in filled materials of rubber products, modified of plastic, etc.
60~80 mesh: called refined rubber powder, used in automobile tires, rubber products, construction materials, and so on.
80~100 mesh: called superfine rubber powder, used in rubber products, military products, and so on.

ZPS-800 tire shredde
Plastic and rubber c
CXFJ-28 rubber powde
XFJ-1100 Fiber Separ
DCT-500 Belt Mode Ir
ZPS-800/1200 Whole T
Tire cutter
ZPS-1200 tire shredd
PSJ-900 rubber crush
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