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About Us

      Jiangyin Hongke Shredder Machinery Co., Ltd, is located in the economic prosperous Zhutang Town, It is about 200km away from Shanghai City. Geographical position is very superior, the traffic is convenient. 

      Our company is a professional manufacturer with multi-years history in designing and manufacturing crushing and grinding equipments. We are the famous enterprise in the waste tire recycling machines and the waste metal recycling machines. Our technical knowledge is abundant, manufacturing equipment is advanced and our test method is efficient. All our machines have European Union CE certification.

      Our main products: Waste tire recycling machines, waste metal recycling machines, food and pharmaceutical machine, etc. 

      Jiangyin Hongke exports the machines to USA, Italia, France, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Iran, Israel, and dozens of countries. 

      Jiangyin Hongke Shredder Machinery Co., Ltd has the independent international trade company——Jiangyin Jinall International Trade Co., LTD,arranges the whole company's international trade business, acts as the agent to help the imports and exports, and provides the excellent international business service. 

      Our Principle: The quality and after service are the first!!

  • Jiangyin Sumac Auto Recycling Equipment Co.,ltd.
  • Jiangyin Jinall International Trade Co., LTD.
  • Address: No. 2 Zhuwen Road, Zhutang Town, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China.
  • http://hkmach.en.alibaba.com Tel:+85-510-86381503 Fax:+86-510-86381508 Mobile: +86-138-1212-2422
  • Email: susanayyj@gmail.com skype :susanayan